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VIP event. Styled team sessions. Awesome swag. Rewards. Personalized portrait experience.
Artwork unlike anything you’ve ever seen.
THE exclusive Senior Experience in Southern Utah.

Our brand influencers get CELEBRITY treatment.

  1. We throw a party for you and your friends! Seriously. This is our chance to get to know each other, photograph some authentic content to use for our 2023 campaign, answer any questions that you might have, eat food, get awesome SWAG and just HAVE FUN!

  2. Every senior who signs on to be an influencer gets first pick of our limited senior portrait spots. These exclusive sessions are in high demand because our clients know that we go all out to create THE ultimate senior experience. (And we don't take on many clients because of it!) 

  3. We do 2 styled team sessions throughout the year as well as offer referral rewards when you share with your friends!

  4. Get featured on our social media pages and website, AND a special personalized gift with your custom artwork investment. 

faith companion.jpg


Spots are limited, so if you are interested in gathering 3-5 of your besties for a personalized party, shoot us a message here!


Thanks for submitting!

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